Monday, November 3, 2008

How to Release Stress, Anywhere and Anytime

This method of releasing stress is easy, productive and it really works; what is this miracle method? It is Gratitude, you have it with you all the time wherever you go; all you have to do is remember to be thankful for everything. You can always find something to be grateful for, even if you only have the ability within you to be grateful that you are grateful.Once you shift your emotions into gratitude your mind, body and spirit shift into more joy and you feel better. The more you practice it, the better you feel; and those things that seemed to be stressing you out diminish and you can get a better feeling to deal with them.Stress is everywhere in our life, it is what we do with it that either makes us feel worse or in a better balanced state. Gratitude balances the stress out and it can happen almost immediately when practiced on a regular basis.Gratitude is sort of like a canvas where our life is artistically drawn, it is not only a practice that is of great virtue, but it is the beginning of all the other virtues we want in our life. It can turn any negative into a positive, and the best part it can happen really fast.If you are one of the people who practice gratitude more frequently you will tend to be happier, more forgiving and less depressed than someone who doesn't. We see people who always seem to be happier than we are; do you think it is because they don't have any stress in their life, absolutely not, it just means they are grateful for the areas of their life that aren't stressful.. That in turn makes their life automatically more joyful.One of the ways to start practicing gratitude is to start a gratitude journal and make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Add to the journal every day and carry it with you so that when something catches you off guard you can refer to your grateful journal. You can also carry grateful stones or have them by your desk at work or in the car; then just hold them and/or rub them when stressful feelings come up. It is important to keep your stress levels down as it has been proven in many studies that practicing gratitude benefits your personal health, your overall happiness, aids in a faster recovery of many operations, aids in a faster healing of many diseases and improves relationships at work and at home. Want to increase your wealth and abundance, it has been know that there is a connection between wealth and gratitude, many wealth experts suggest that if you want to increase your wealth, you should focus on being more grateful. These two areas work hand and hand to manifesting wealth and abundance into your life. So remember, you have this ability with you everywhere, always; start practice gratitude and make your life more abundant in every way.
How To Identify Relationship Stress - Five Major Symptom Areas

Stress can occur in our lives due to many things. We can have stress from work, social life, finances and our relationships. Regardless of where the stress comes from it is defined the same way and can cause similar symptoms and bodily reactions. Relationship stress is simply the stress that we experience within our relationships. In this case I am referring to a spouse or significant other. In order to identify relationship stress it is important to define what stress is and what areas it affects. Stress can be defined as a heightened sense in your sympathetic nervous system. This can be short term. When stress becomes more constant then your sympathetic nervous system is activated for prolonged periods of time. This is when more significant symptoms can occur. The symptoms that you experience with relationship stress can affect many areas. 1. Bodily symptoms - this could include unexplained joint pain, stomach distress, back and neck aches, loss of appetite, sleeplessness.2. Mind symptoms - difficulty concentrating or thinking clearly, confusion, scattered thoughts, irrational thought, etc.3. Emotional symptoms - depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, annoyance, etc.4. Spiritual symptoms - resentment toward religion, avoiding prayer or God, etc.5. Relational symptoms - conflicts/struggles with loved ones, closing yourself off from friends, family, loved ones.These five areas encompass the main areas of our lives that relationship stress can affect. If you find that you are experiencing one or more of these things then you have likely identified relationship stress in your life. The sooner you identify relationship stress the sooner you can do something about it to help heal your relationship problems.

What Is Stress

What is Stress? Wellness Coach

Stress vs DistressSTRESS is good….we need it to stay motivated, stimulated, helps us to face challenges and to solve problems and it keeps us alert. STRESS is a very natural and import part of our lives, without it there wouldn’t be any life at all, however, we need to learn to listen to our bodies, minds, and soul when we have switched from stress to distress. WE HAVE all heard the “fight or flight” reaction and when our bodies tune into that, it is sending signals to our nervous system that it needs to act on quick notice, so the idea is to keep our lives manageable…..right, easy for me to say… J… here I am going to go back a little to our thoughts….stressful and negative outlook/thoughts is when we put our bodies into overreact and/or overload, it is our thoughts and feelings the we perceive and interpret that effect the body, so, our thoughts and feelings are very import components in maintaining our stress level in the “good” area and not let it get to the distress caliber. SIGNS of stress are different for different people just like different peoples stress levels are different and things they view as stress are different, but the following symptoms are some of the ways you can tell if you are in stress and give you notice to do procedures to diminish it before it turns to distress: TensionIrritabilityFeeling excessively tiredTrouble sleepingA pounding heartStomach upsetSweating palmsInability to concentrate The next article will be on What Causes Stress and eventually we will get to things to do to help keep stress at a manageable rate so it doesn’t go into distress. THOUGHT FOR DAY: “Everything that happens is moving you to live a bigger truth” -Alan Cohen-